Meet the Artist

Hey Friends!

I'm Shania, like Shania Twain (except I can't sing...well). I am a Colorado native raised on a dairy farm in Northglenn, so I'm a tad country. I love working on the farm, doing leatherwork and terrorizing my mom with my chickens. I am a sister of a navy airman, a cattle rancher's granddaughter, and I am the better half and wife of a Denver fireman.

I've been designing leather pieces since 2014 when I found a purse online and asked my grandpa if he knew how to make the leather piece. He went in his basement and came back with an entire roll of vintage leather tools, handed it to me and said "Go for it!". I am completely self taught and still do nearly everything by hand. 

Since then I have created a little bit of everything, from purses and accessories to firefighter suspenders, to saddle bags and spur straps. Some of my favorite things to make are cheeky stickers, mini saddles for your keychains and purses/clutches with ALL the fringe possible! 

When buying from a maker, you're buying more than just an object. You're buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration but also moments of pure joy. Through all the sore fingers and spilled leather dyes, I found my passion for this lost art of leatherworking.

Thank you for supporting my small business!

Not only are you shopping small and local, but you're also supporting a family, a ranch, a dream and a future. For that, I cannot thank you enough!