The Brand

The Brand

The Brand. 

A livestock brand is not just an identifier. It is not just a group of characters burned into a cow's rear end to deter thieves. It's not just hat pin on an old cowboy's "nice" felt hat or a piece of jewelry strung around his wife's neck. It's not a tv show that makes anyone feel like they can be a cowboy. 

It is the reality that every rancher lives. It's tending to the cows at all hours and in any weather. It's stressing through the ups and downs of the market just to simply hope that you can afford to put food on the table for your family. It's crawling back in the saddle after being thrown off. It's installing a pasture's fence line while working through an injury. It's a wife doing chores in a sub zero blizzard while the husband is away at work. 

It is resiliency. 

It is the hard work that makes you proud. 

So when you see a cowboy, cowgirl, farmer or rancher, understand that it's more than just the brand you see. 

It's their legacy